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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

"‘ARTFIRST"! Dreams, ideas and projects go in search of “intuitive and sensitive" people to be realized and take shape in the world of matter in order to change it. From this point of view, the artist is a person who unites the invisible world with the visible one, combining the spiritual and material worlds with his work. A creative person is an exceptional being who has a very useful gift for improving the people they come in contact with. The artist is a bridge, a channel, a vehicle through which ideas and insights can be transformed into reality and influence peoples lives, so, it must not be used for selfish purposes. The difficulties that an artist finds in its life are tests that serve to make them the person best suited to realize the ideas and dreams they have.

All works of art have a specific vibration and energy that emit a high vibration that unconsciously is perceived by those who come into contact with it.

From this principle the idea of "Artfirst" is born, the exhibition that allows the artist to feel free to be less advertising and populist, becoming a pioneer, de-constructing the social perspective that occurred with the advent of populism, avoiding that every artistic action is simply conformist in accepting to go along with the current.

Exhibiting Artists: Stephen Hall  -  Shoaib Wazir - Jean-Paul Picard  -  Stephanie DeManuelle  -  Gary Hong - Phyllis Anderson  -  Jose Fontaiña  -  Jennifer L.

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