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International emerging young artist Award "Gino De Agro"

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

International Award for Visual Arts, Culture and Solidarity "Gino De Agrò - City of Troina" 30 June 2019 editorial board.Comments Delivered the first International Award for Visual Arts , Culture and Solidarity "Gino De Agrò - City of Troina" Share the article on: Evening dedicated to beauty in all its forms, last night, at the "Giuseppe Lazzati Room" of the Cittadella dell'Oasi, for the award ceremony of the first edition of the International Visual Arts, Culture and Solidarity Award "Gino De Agrò - Città di Troina ”, the recognition in memory of the illustrious Troinese citizen, a man of great generosity and culture, connoisseur and collector of works of modern and contemporary art, established by the Municipality last February with the dual objective of remembering the figure, in centenary of the birth, and to promote the birth of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Troina, which already includes prestigious works of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. In order to catalyze the interest of the art world, the municipal administration - in agreement with the organizing committee of the Prize composed of Carmela Impellizzeri, Stefano Giambirtone, Irene Chiavetta, Gabriele Caputo, Paolo De Agrò, Silvio Rotondo, Pino Scorciapino, Massimiliano Ragusa and Josè Chiavetta and of the scientific committee, chaired by the director Paolo Giansiracusa and composed by Rocco Froiio, Stefano Puglisi, Lorenzo Basile and Giancarlo Germanà - organized a kermesse to underline the value of excellent personalities who, each for their own sphere, will they are distinct during the year, gathering the consent of critics and the public. Hence, the intent to give a tribute to the visual arts to renowned artists, emerging academics and young people and an honorable mention to writers, showbiz, science and charismatic figures, to bring the major to Troina exponents of culture, science and faith and to draw energy and teaching from their talents, following the example pursued by Gino De Agrò, through his model of life and the uncommon sensitivity to art and beauty. The ceremony, which opened with the presentation of the Award by professor Paolo Giansiracusa and the greetings of the mayor Fabio Venezia, of the president of the Irccs Oasi Maria Santissima di Troina don Silvio Rotondo and of Maria Pia Santoro, wife of Gino De Agrò , saw the following awards, interspersed with musical and theatrical interludes: - to Gualtiero Ricciardi, president of the Superior Institute of Health and Commander of the Republic for merits in the scientific and health field, the mention for the section "Science and medicine"; - to Simona Lo Iacono, Sicilian magistrate and successful award-winning writer, the mention for the "Literature" section; - to Sebastiano Lo Monaco, Sicilian actor of Italian theater and fiction, the mention for the section "Theater"; - to His Excellency Reverendissima Monsignor Corrado Lorefice, Archbishop of Palermo, the mention for the section "Solidarity"; - Shoaib Wazir, Pakistani painter, sculptor and musician, winner of the "Young emerging artists" section, of the 1,000 euro prize and the possibility of setting up a personal exhibition in the exhibition spaces of the Museum Complex; - ex equo for Filippo Scimeca, Palermo sculptor and painter, and Domenico Difilippo, Emilian painter and academician, winners of the "Artists of international renown" section and of the 3 thousand euro prize. " Seeing artists, intellectuals, scientists and families linked to our city who are understanding the development model linked to culture, knowledge and the enhancement of our territory that is enriching and revitalizing the entire community - said Mayor Fabio Venezia - , it is a great emotion. Thanks to the De Agrò family for having accepted the Prize proposal, with which we reiterate the value of beauty and identity, to the artists who, with their presence, honored us to share this moment, at the Oasi Maria Santissima which, in the memory of Father Ferlauto, he shares with us the value of art and beauty, to Professor Giansiracusa, a beacon of light that guides us along this path

"Each of the winners of the two sections of the "Young emerging artists" and "Artists of international renown" Award, Shoaib Wazir, Filippo Scimeca and Domenico Difilippo, donated to the Municipality its own work, which will be exhibited in the constituting Museum of Contemporary Art of Troina.

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